The history of Ramasoft

Ramasoft exists for more than 30 years and decided in 1987 to specialise in the development of solutions for the windows and doors industry.  Window Planner became one of the first applications for the calculation of exterior joinery. Today Ramasoft has more than 20 employees and is active throughout Europe.

In 1993 the switch was made to development under Windows. EasyWin was born!  A software that had many applications and was very popular with both large and small companies. Now, more than 20 years later, this software is still in use. 

Reliability is important! Every user experiences this every day and the development of software is a process of years. That is why already in 2010 the step to a completely new development was taken, built completely new in VB.NET, C# and DevExpress with SQL-database. Ramasoft.NET is now the leading software for the sales and production of exterior joinery.

After this success, the possibilities were increasingly discovered by other software developers abroad. The French company Elcia committed itself to be part of Ramasoft for participation in the further development. Technology developed within Ramasoft.NET is now also used within Elcia applications.